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Take Advantage of Time Zones

Flights and different time zones can create havoc for an infant or toddler, creating more stress for the rest of the family. This doesn't have to be the case. My first advice is fairly obvious, schedule your flights around your child's sleeping habits. If he or she is an early-riser, book an early flight. If they're past the napping phase, but require a full-nights rest, book a mid-day flight. Although, sometimes this isn't always possible, as we are restricted to the airlines' schedules and sometimes it's cheaper to fly at an inconvenient time. To make matters worse, when you arrive at your destination, you may be two hours ahead or two hours behind. This could either be your worst nightmare or a dream come true. Living in Winnipeg, a lot of Central America is in the same time zone, as well as many other great US destinations (LOVE Texas!) And to our East, everything is either an hour or two ahead. The beauty of this is that now my daughter goes to bed two hours later and sleeps in two hours later, allowing us to use our vacation time more wisely. Normally, she's up at 7:00 AM and in bed...Read More

5 Reason to go Disneyland, instead of Disney World

I'm often asked, "Should I go to Disney World or Disneyland?" Most others quickly respond with Disney World. And they might be right - Disney World is home to four theme parks and over twenty hotels onsite, giving families the ultimate Disney experience. However, Disneyland is much smaller with two theme parks and three hotels and is a lot more. 1.     Size Matters Disney World is over 27,000 acres and can be intimidating to little ones looking to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Families may have to pick and choose their time wisely, missing out on many of the incredible experiences. A much easier feat is Disneyland, at 85 acres (soon expanding to 100 with the addition of Star Wars Land). Don't get me wrong, Disneyland is also a lot of ground to cover and you'll need to several days, but it's do-able. I took Taylor to Disneyland for the day when she was 18 months. I followed some bad advice and didn't bring or rent a stroller. However, even with her little legs and my overly developed "mom-arms", we were able to manage the day. Because she was so young, we spent most of the day in Mickey's Toontown,...Read More
Travel Agent and Mompreneur

Travel Agent and Mompreneur

It really isn’t surprising that I’m a home-based travel agent. Travel has been a large part of my adult life. I believe it’s not just part of my DNA, but IS my DNA. When I’m not traveling or have a trip booked (or two… or three…), I don’t feel like myself. It’s as though something is missing. I have been known to travel as often as five times per year, and still want more. I look for every and any excuse to travel. What is surprising is that I am a Mompreneur with a travel agency focused on family travel. At the age of 19, I was told the likelihood of me carrying a child was slim to none. I was diagnosed with endometriosis and had a three inch cyst removed from my right ovary, leaving it irreparable. That same year, I met my husband. On our first date, I laid it all out for him and told him to walk away if having children was important to him. For most young women, and couples, this would have been upsetting. For us  (mostly me) it was a sign. This meant we were going to be “DINKs“ (Double Income No Kids)...Read More