It Takes a Village

You know that cliche statement that we keep hearing when we need help. It takes a village. It takes a village to raise our children; it takes a village to protect them; and it takes a village to influence them. This also applies traveling. Traveling with the village makes traveling easier.

Yes, it might cost more to bring the village, but can you really put a price on rest and relaxation? You will get more value out of your trip if you have help; you will be able to enjoy the beach instead of chasing your child through the Louvre or arguing with them at a ristorante.But, the good news is, that this doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Bring your parents

Your parents make great villagers, and company, too! In my experience, parents are always happy to travel  (and help out) with the grandchildren. The best part, they’ll often pay for their own way! Take advantage of this while you can. Nothing can replace the relationship and memories your children will build with them while exploring foreign territory. Plus, if you ask nicely, they may hang in the room with the little ones, while you and your love enjoy yourselves.

Parents aren’t too keen on playing babysitter abroad?

Know a trustworthy teenager who would be willing to act as a nanny for a free trip? This can be super helpful, if you are planning to tour a lot. Trying to see more than one museum or attraction in one day can be a challenge with little ones. Having an extra set of hands to distract the young and inquisitive minds will allow you take in the Monet’s art. Of course, you would be expected to cover all costs for the young adult, but you could use points or companion flight to make it more affordable.

Can’t afford the extra ticket?

Consider planning a trip with a group of friends or siblings who also have kids. The kids will keep each other entertained, while you sit back on your beach lounger catching up with friends. You can also take turns watching each other’s kids, while the other couple goes out for a romantic lobster dinner. Or better yet, make your other halves stay back and have a girls or guys night.

When traveling abroad, especially when traveling to a history-rich country, bringing your village can enhance your trip. Giving you and your spouse more time to yourselves and to take in the sights. Once you’ve travel once with your village, you’ll never want to do it any other way.



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