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The Diaper Challenge

Travel with infants is hard for minimalist packers such as myself. I try to pack as little as possible and buy what I can upon arrival, especially if I'm travelling within North America or to a major city. Nothing's more frustrating then carrying a diaper bag, your carry-on, and your childrens' carry-ons in addition to your infant. But where is the line? How do you know you're not overpacking and will still have enough in the event of an emergency. I'm talking about diapers, specifically. Let me tell you a little story about a time I pushed the limit of only packing eight diapers when returning home from visiting my brother and his family in Halifax. Upon arrival, I bought a large box of diapers, figuring I'd leave the leftovers for my niece who was the same age as Taylor. Our flight home included two legs, Halifax to Hamilton and Hamilton to Winnipeg, a total of nine hours. Typically, because of the tiny bathrooms, I never change Taylor's diaper on the airplane, unless it's an emergency of course. So, I calculated that I would need four diapers, and then doubled it just in case. As normal, we boarded the airplane twenty minutes...Read More

Take Advantage of Time Zones

Flights and different time zones can create havoc for an infant or toddler, creating more stress for the rest of the family. This doesn't have to be the case. My first advice is fairly obvious, schedule your flights around your child's sleeping habits. If he or she is an early-riser, book an early flight. If they're past the napping phase, but require a full-nights rest, book a mid-day flight. Although, sometimes this isn't always possible, as we are restricted to the airlines' schedules and sometimes it's cheaper to fly at an inconvenient time. To make matters worse, when you arrive at your destination, you may be two hours ahead or two hours behind. This could either be your worst nightmare or a dream come true. Living in Winnipeg, a lot of Central America is in the same time zone, as well as many other great US destinations (LOVE Texas!) And to our East, everything is either an hour or two ahead. The beauty of this is that now my daughter goes to bed two hours later and sleeps in two hours later, allowing us to use our vacation time more wisely. Normally, she's up at 7:00 AM and in bed...Read More